Website ReDesign – InfoStretch Solutions

InfoStretch Corporation, consisting of Mobile and QA solutions needed an Information Architect to jumpstart their companies redesign process to highlight their solution offering to reach Enterprise customers. More than 500 pages of content existing in disorganized fashion needed to be organized and ported over into a new design. My resulting task which lasted three months and saw my role expand beyond an IA to contribute as an Lead art direction.
The team consisted of a mixture of permanent InfoStretch marketing employees who helped handle the project content development and management. Initially, I developed wireframes. I eventually found myself in the driver’s seat of this project, refining my process as an I.A. and overhauling the design for a sharper, more modern look that embraced simplicity. The website was managed using JIRA,project tracking software.
The team actively consulted with the leadership, field technology experts and internal marketing in what was an iterative, yet well paced process.
Nevertheless, the complexities of the solution offering itself proved quite a challenge to design all around.


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